Best Path To Solution


Lead By Example

With this level of support in virtually no time you can be on the path toward living a greener, happier and healthier life while doing your part to reduce global warming.

By making a conscious effort to use green products, reduce chemicals and pesticides, cut back on emissions, recycle more and make numerous other Earth saving changes we can make a greener, healthier Earth a reality.


Race To Save Earth is about people and corporations assuming a pro-active role toward saving Earth. The advocacy groups we fund will create a massive wave of eco-activism. Education to entertainment venues will engage the public to obtain support person-by-person and group-by-group.

Corporate Participation

Corporations that care will play a major role toward creating positive environmental change. Groups that we fund will provide corporate America with a solid track to run. By encouraging corporate participation we can all focus on our Earth-saving vision.


Enlightenment is key to across-the-board environmental support. From middle schools to campuses and corporations environmental education Race To Save Earth will play a major role in eco-education.


By offering new environmental solutions we can create a whole new generation of activists focused on creating a brighter future.


Race To Save Earth acts as a funnel to provide support to like minded organization that are focused on creating change. From unique health oriented fundraising campaigns to concerts and other events we are committed to creating global environmental and health change.


Race To Save Earth unites eco-minded individuals and Earth minded advocacy groups. By raising awareness and spreading advocacy to all corners of the globe we’ll be an unbeatable force for positive change.


The platform we support provides a complete media enterprise that will spread our news through all media resources including a new comprehensive environmental magazine, entertainment venues, radio and television broadcasts. We will enlighten, entertain and engage all people that are committed to being part of the solution for change.


Race To Save Earth supports over 72 membership organizations. Within these groups are specific networks providing action, animal rights, environment, rainforest and Earth defense networks.

Think Tanks

Since think tanks are able to generate Earth saving solutions Race To Save Earth supports five highly focused think tanks.