You can help create a Green Revolution!

On average, Americans produce 40,000 pounds of co2 emissions per year. This incredible amount desperately needs to be reduced. Fortunately, conserving energy is very easy these days. Today, nearly every product has a green energy efficient alternative. It’s time to look at alternative ways to power our lives.

Green energy consists of renewable and non-polluting, eco-friendly energy sources, including solar, hydro, tidal and wave power. These green energy sources have little negative effects on our Earth, unlike nuclear power which claims to be green but the truth is it contributes more to global warming and environmental pollution then all of the environmental alternates combined.

Give green a try! What do you ultimately have to lose? Your ever increasing energy bills for starters plus the dangerous impact we having on Earth. In addition to a healthier Earth you can also enjoy a healthier life for you and your loved ones. By reducing your co2 emissions and your bills you are reducing your carbon footprint while saving money. You will also be reducing the demand for fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Less fossil fuel burning means lower co2 emissions, which means that shocking 40,000 pounds per year can be greatly reduced.

Let’s make the right choice for our health and for our planet’s health. With your support we can soon be on our way to a full eco-recovery.

Please go green today!