Save Wetlands


Why Wetlands Are Critical To Our Survival

(Wetlands store water, clean water and provide habitats for wildlife)

Please consider these FACTS. Wetlands:

1. Act like a sponge absorbing the impact of hurricane winds and water

2. Hold large volumes of rain to help prevent massive flooding

3. Absorb and break down toxic chemicals, protecting our drinking water

4. Catch sediment so lakes, streams and rivers can remain clear

5. Store carbon thus reducing global warming

6. Provide us with natural riches like foods and medicines

7. Act like giant filters cleansing our drinking water

8. Are a key and essential part of Earth’s ecology, like rainfall

9. Are nesting, migration habitats, and they feed fisheries downstream

10. Support a significant amount of wildlife with natural habitat and food

11. Are essential to life on Earth; wetlands keep our planet alive

NOTE: Three billion people depend on ground water for drinking

Types of Wetlands


Wet Meadows
Prairie Potholes
Vernal Pools
Playa Lakes


Forested Swamps
Bottomland Hardwoods
Shrub Swamps
Mangrove Swamps


Northern bogs


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