Smart Shopping


There are three primary ways you can help save Earth while shopping.

1) When buying vegetables try to buy organic vegetables. Aside from being much healthier for you and your family they are also much healthier for our Earth. Organically-grown vegetables do not contain harmful chemicals that are hazardous to our soil, drinking water, atmosphere and the health of all living organisms.

2) Organic and free-range meats that contain no growth hormones, steroids, herbicides or antibiotics are much healthier then the factory-farmed meat products found in most grocery stores. Factory farms create an enormous amount of waste, diseased and suffering animals, steroid-packed meat, and they pollute air and water supplies. Support local farmers and put industrialized factory farming out of business. Buy locally grown produce and reduce energy consumption.

companies that demonstrate a major commitment to saving our Earth. From gas to televisions and clothing before you buy determine what companies care about Earth since those are the businesses people need to support. Finally do not forget to give non-profit organizations like Race To Save Earth as much of your business as possible since they deserve your support. Thank you!

Smart eco-friendly shopping isn’t just limited to the products you buy. You can create change for a better environment by how you shop. If you live close to your shopping centers, try walking or riding a bike to reduce auto emissions. If you’re too far away for that then carpool with a few friends since it saves gas and reduce your impact on the Earth.

Visit our online store to buy hemp or cloth bags while shopping. Remember that plastic bags are made from oil and our planet is littered with these bags so let’s live without them. Many stores even provide a 10 to 15 cent per bag discount for using your own cloth bags. Buy cloth bags from Race To Save Earth and spread the news!