People Are Aware

That most SUVs guzzle gas and that fossil fuels are polluting our air.

But Do They Know what to do about it or even how to address the multiple issues that they face to create change? The answer is very few people know how to properly address these issues.

Groups Within Our Environmental Platform will provide you with answers to these critical questions. Everything from public transportation to solutions toward greening the automobiles we drive.

Smart Solutions are what people need. Better gas mileage is good but ideally you what you want to do is lower your cars’ emissions thus reducing your carbon footprint on Earth. Sign-up now and these solutions will come to you in the form of newsletters and technology updates, but meanwhile buy hybrids!

Quick Tips

· Keep your tires inflated to the maximum suggested air pressure

· Preplan your trips to reduce unnecessary driving

· Car pool at least once a week or take friends when you go out

· Replace air filter and fuel filters as needed

· Keep your car serviced to maximize its fuel efficiency

There are countless ways you can help reduce our impact on the Earth, no matter what your transportation situation may be. Join in the Race To Save Earth by lowering your emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Together we can save our precious planet!