Race To Save Earth, coordinating with The Environmental Community and its 72 member organizations are prepared to bring our battle of saving Earth to people at their workplace.

We would also like to thank every manager and corporate executive that supports our Earth saving mission. Without your support we can not achieve our Earth saving initiative in time. We all thank you for stepping up to support our mission.

With an entire environmental platform behind us we stand ready to:

1. Consult with your company

2. Design the ideal environmental plan for your company

3. Meet with your management and your employees in meetings designed to achieve the best environmental objectives possible

Please revisit this site to locate the corporate and eco-education sign-up forms.

Meanwhile the following are a list of things you can do at work:

1. Request recycling at work. If your cleaning company does not offer recycling then find one that does and verify where they take the recycling. NOTE: If you can not locate a cleaning company that will recycle then have office personnel separate the paper from soda cans and designate someone to make periodic runs to your local recycling centers. Also encourage your municipalities to provide recycling for businesses after all businesses pay enough in taxes that this service should be provided. Stand up for Earth!

2. When buying office supplies encourage rechargeable batteries, recycling of ink cartridges, reduce waste of paper and remember the bulk of office waste is paper that is currently sent to landfills. This is simply not acceptable!

3. Recycle all office equipment and buy energy efficient equipment. All electronic equipment contain toxic waste from heavy metal like mercury and lead and as such these items need to be disposed of responsibly. Contact your city’s waste management department for assistance.

4. Turn lights off in rooms that are not in use.

5. Replace common light bulbs with long lasting energy efficient bulbs.

6. Maintain a comfortable temperature at work while conserving energy.

7. Consider replacing all cars in your corporate fleet with hybrid technology automobiles. Look for advanced technology or CNG for larger trucks etc.

8. Consider eco-friendly environments and use green products, furniture and appliances. Determine specifically where any wood flooring or wood used in furniture is actually coming from so we can stop illegally logging along with products that are inhumanely produced.

9. Check out your city’s e-waste programs and know that a lot of manufactures offer take-back options for recycling. Never throw old electronics in the trash. Thank you!