Global Warming Crisis


Droughts, Fires, Floods & Super Storms

It’s called Global Warming and it’s going to get worse, much worse, before it gets better. The evidence is overwhelming and we must act now to reverse our environmental direction if we are to avoid a global catastrophe.

Sometimes people don’t realize how serious a problem is until it affects them personally. Over the past decade Mother Nature has been brewing up weather events that have continued to increase in severity.

Global Warming is adversely affecting our weather and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that weather nightmares are in our future. Temperatures of 115 degrees and weeks of temperatures exceeding 100 degree days, droughts, torrential downpours or weeks of rain not to mention hurricanes packing sustained winds of 205 m.p.h. have all but wiped towns right off the map. These recent weather events will increase in severity until we ACT.

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Until you receive our step-by-step instructions and helpful tips begin by committing to memory the 3 R’s: Reuse,Reduce and Recycle.

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FACT: Those who are not part of the solution are indeed part of the problem.

Earth’s environmental Point Of No Return must be avoided at all cost. Nobel Prize Winning scientists as well as the Union Of Concerned Scientists recognize that several of our worse case scenarios are potentially so catastrophic that humanity would not survive.

While most individuals would prefer NOT to think about such doom day scenarios the truth is if we continue to ignore irrefutable facts then we will by default seal our fate and only have ourselves to blame.

Potential collapse of our financial markets has been discussed at length when wealthy private individuals, private corporations, financial and insurance circles groups attended a meeting at the United Nations office in NYC to discuss what could be done about Global Warming. The fear was that Global Warming could bankrupt over half of all insurance companies as well as the financial markets within roughly twenty years.

It became evident that time is not on our side when only 35 days after the Larson A Ice Shelf collapsed the Larson B Ice Shelf behind it also collapsed. The scientific community was awe struck when the Larson B Ice Shelf collapsed so quickly since it had been there for over 400 years. Oceans rose one inch after the Larson B Ice Shelf collapsed.

FACT: Rising temperatures have dramatically impacted the Arctic ice and this ice acts like an “air conditioner” for Earth. Since 1978, the Arctic sea ice area has shrunk by roughly 9% per decade. If this does not alarm an individual you may want to check his or her pulse and run a brain scan to check for activity.

Here’s the problem experts have cited when the ice shelf behind the Larson B Ice Shelf collapses our global oceans could rise over 18 feet displacing huge populations across our planet. The question is not if but when this will occur. Since the Larson B Ice Shelf collapsed in only 35 days rather then decades no one really knows how soon this next big collapse and the resulting global flooding will occur.

In 2007 the cycles and severity of our weather has changed. In Oklahoma a tornado with 205 mph sustained winds literally destroyed an entire town. In 2006, Texas suffered a hard drought then in 2007 rains and flash flooding occurred surpassing rain accumulation in one year dating back to the 1940’s. Bad weather doesn’t just delay flights in the end it also increasing the cost of all products especially our food products.

FACT: Biologists report that birds and frogs are breeding earlier in the season. An analysis of 35 non-migratory butterfly species showed that two thirds have a range now that is 150 miles farther north than they did a few decades ago. Bees are leaving entire regions of the country in the U.S. and ultimately without pollination our food production will dramatically decrease.

FACT: About 75% of the annual increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide is due to the burning of fossil fuels. Consider driving less and buying a hybrid to significantly reduce your carbon foot print.

FACT: Deforestation significantly reduces our global sources of oxygen, eliminates the uptake of carbon dioxide that contributes to Global Warming and deforestation eliminates a critical cooling element that forests provide.

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