Our forests, are the Lungs Of Earth

Our global rainforests are under attack from two directions.

First they are being stripped by illegal timber companies due to the tremendous revenue that can be realized due to these illegal activities. Race To Save Earth is working with Earth Defense Network to create a global timber tracking system aimed at significantly reduce these illegal timber activities.

Indigenous people are also performing slash and burn to clear rainforest to make way for crops. These countries and their people are realizing how important environmental balance is and many have begun restricting the cutting of rainforest area.

Rainforests are such a critical part of our global ecology steps need to be taken to protect the Lungs Of Earth. Please join our tree planting initiative to help clean the air and cool our planet.

Trees Reduce Global Warming by storing huge amounts of carbon that otherwise remains in the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. Trees act as “blockers” or “goalies” for us in this game of life. If our blockers are taken out of the game then everyone loses.

We rely on our lungs to filter our air and providing our bodies with oxygen. Trees produce a tremendous amount of oxygen that all living things need to breathe. Trees also help purify the air by absorbing pollutants and they offer shade to homes naturally and drastically cutting down on the amount of energy needed to keep homes cool in the summer. Think of them as nature’s regulators and when it come to global warming know that protecting trees and forests everywhere is in our national and global interest.

Please join Race To Save Earth to help save the Lungs Of OUR Earth.