Fossil Fuels


Fossil Fuels are killing Earth, Stop It NOW!

Fossil fuels are the NUMBER ONE cause of global warming.

Six Billion Tons of carbon is released into the atmosphere each year as fossil fuels are burned. We have become so dependent on fossil fuels for our everyday lives that some believe we can’t live without them.

The Truth is we have the power to change so do your part to prevent anti-environmental businesses like Exxon Mobil from profiting at everyone’s expense.

Please consider the following suggestions to reduce our dependency on oil.

1. Keep your tires inflated to the maximum air pressure.

2. Keep your car or truck well maintained.

3. Consolidate trips by making lists and then taking the shortest route.

4. Eliminate unnecessary trips all together.

5. Take other family members or friends with you. Remember its far more economical for 2 to 5 people to travel together rather then just one.

6. Encourage and participate in riding sharing.

7. Take public transportation. Trains, subways or buses can enable you read or work while you travel for a fraction of your real cost for travel.

8. Consider video conferencing and working four day work weeks if you must commute. This will reduce your mileage and expenses each week by 20% not to mention your time plus it can give you a three day weekend!

9. Buy a hybrid automobile if at all possible.

Say NO WAY to coal fired power plants unless you would like to breath these polluted air and have your children exposed to mercury that causes numerous debilitating diseases tell the Power companies you want and expect CLEAN ENERGY!

INTERESTING NOTE: A home will often produce more carbon adding to your families household carbon footprint than the vehicles in your home.

SUGGESTION: Consider shifting to a green energy plan that uses wind or solar power. It’s clean, it’s cool and it’s the right thing to do.

Join the Race To Save Earth and do your part toward saving Earth!