Need To Know!


Danger Will Robinson – Earth is under attack!

Today we all have a crisis to deal with and how we deal with it will make the difference on and for the rest of our lives.

Creating positive change is actually relatively easy it is just a matter of changing our daily habits toward being green.

Global Warming is everyone’s problem but to remain productive be sure to avoid individuals that are: closed minded, just flat lazy, ignorant, proud to support anti-environmental activities, claim their god does not believe in saving the Earth (twisted religion), or simply do not care since there is no convincing them. Avoid discussions and potential confrontations with these individuals so we can keep our activists and Earth Warriors focused on working with people who are: enlightened, caring and forward thinking individuals since they are the ones who will help us win our Race To Save Earth.

Time is of the essence and therefore we must be organized and focused on achieving our environmental goals. Those who can work with just one environmental group in the long run, that is most beneficial to our common cause. So if you do not have a group then review potential groups and decide what group will best fit your activist needs and ideally find one you can grow with- hopefully it will be US.

Activists you are needed now! Don’t be shy, if you are willing to help via the internet or any other way – then Join us.
If you are not helping Race To Save Earth then please help another deserving organization.

Organizations and environmental networks please seek out other groups like The Environmental Community to work in concert with other like minded groups. Being as effective as we can be means we all need to learn how to work with one another – since all eco-group are or should be in the same Race To Save Earth.