Pesticides / Herbicides


Chemicals Are Slowly Killing You and Earth

If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive. —American Quaker Saying

Food contamination occurs when pesticides and herbicides enter our bodies after fruits and vegetables are sprayed with these silent killers. Thoroughly washing your fruits and vegetable removes most of but not all of these pesticides. For safe foods you can either grow your own without chemicals in your soil or sprayed onto plants or buy organic fruits and vegetables.

Soil and water contamination occurs when large agribusiness operations use pesticides and herbicides. Run off occurs sending these chemicals into streams, rivers and lakes or these chemicals can also leach down into aquifers that are used for drinking water.

HOW TO STOP IT: First, join Race To Save Earth then in time you will receive instructions on how to support a food safety bill that will be the equivalent of requiring all pesticides, herbicides or genetic engineering used on or in the soil, fruits or vegetables to be placed on their labels.

Get chemicals out of your home since many contain cancer causing agents or can cause other damage to our membranes and human organs. Only a small percentage of chemicals are ever tested for their long term effects on humans. Clearly the chemical companies do not want these details disclosed.

EXAMPLE: The bi-products of Chlorine are PCB’s and PBB’s. These are two of the deadliest compounds known to man. Chlorine has seen wide spread use since it is cheap and the majority of our municipalities have been placing it in our drinking water for decades. Now that so many people are being diagnosed with cancer and other debilitating diseases perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate the long term health effects from using such a toxic chemical in our drinking water.

ADDITIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL NOTE: For every Chlorine molecule that is produced it tears apart what would otherwise become over 100,000 ozone molecules. This gives a whole new meaning to a bottle of bleach. Advocates Against Chemicals list Chlorine as the greatest threat to the public and our global environment due to its widespread use.

Chlorine is one of the easiest chemicals for people to either significantly reduce or even totally eliminate the use of—please do your part and start today!

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