Strategic Partners


21 Strategic Partners Focused On Saving Earth
One Earth,One Mission Will enlighten and engage the public in a moral crusade to save the future of life on our planet.

Save Our Oceans Is about protecting and regenerating our oceans. We can not afford to further compromise or lose any of our seven oceans since our humanity is dependent on these large eco-systems.

Eco Club Association Providing the tools to establish and manage environmental clubs. These clubs will complete eco-projects to support environmental change.

Students For Ecological Change Positive and progressive changes can be effected in the fight to save the environment by providing a network for students eager to help save our global ecology.

Change For Earth Collecting donations and supporting organizations that are committed to creating environmental change and saving Earth. By working together, we the people can and will save Earth!

People-Power Connecting Earth minded individuals to part time, full time, intern, volunteer and other unique green opportunities. Join People-Power to discover green opportunities that benefit people and the world we live in.

Advocates Against Chemicals To inform, educate and work to stop businesses that are selling dangerous chemicals that are contaminating our Earth and jeopardizing our health and future.

Earth Think Tank The virtual round table where Earth saving ideas are discover and solutions are thereafter implemented. Apply to our brainstorming team and help create ways to heal our Earth.

The Race For Prevention Will teach people how to reduce unnecessary cases of cancer and debilitating diseases by eliminating chemicals and boosting our immune systems.

Seniors Portal Is the one stop for seniors, addressing senior life, health and the challenges many see with advancing age.

Clean Air Advocacy
Will seek to decrease air pollution through the promotion of sustainable solutions such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mass transport systems.

Clean Water Advocacy Will educate people on the threats to our water, and inform them of action they can take to protect it. Nothing can replace water!

Earth Defense League We defend environmental and animal rights concerns in an arena where many fear to tread – the American justice system.

Civil Rights Advocacy Stand up to protect your rights and together we will rally for justice, peace and equality!

Protect Wildlife Now Striving to save local wildlife is also saving the natural connection humans have to our planet.

Companies For Eco Enables companies both big and small to participate in creating significant environmental change. People want to work for companies that are actively working to save our environment.’

Global Ecological Council A worldwide environmental advisory council committed to providing solutions for our ecological problems.

One Earth Concerts Promoting activism by raising public awareness of environmental issues in a great environment. Attend a great concert and take a step toward saving Earth.

Tiesa Village An eco educational pavillion located at the heart of Earth Concerts supporting Race To Save Earth.

Environmental Destinations Travel to far off destinations for the vacation of a lifetime. Be a part of the solution and learn what it takes to keep this planet and its inhabitants sustainable.

Earth Bar Association Active in legal matters in the environmental world providing information on key issues, cases and campaigns.